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  • Directors of AP II receive briefing from the KPK for corruption prevention


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Directors of AP II receive briefing from the KPK for corruption prevention

06 Sep 2021

Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) consistently and sustainably carries out various programs to maintain good corporate governance and prevention of corruption by receiving briefings from the KPK, BPKP, and the Banten Prosecutor's Office in the 'No Corruption & No Gratification' Program Directorship. .

"This Directorship Program is a debriefing program for AP II to strengthen the prevention of corruption and fraud, as well as an important part of running a healthy BUMN, especially in the airport sector," said President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin in a statement in Jakarta, Monday.

Muhammad Awaluddin said that all directors, directors of subsidiaries, and senior leaders of AP II received briefing on strategic efforts in preventing corruption, directly from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), and the Banten High Court.

To coincide with the Dictatorship Program, AP II released the AP II Board of Directors' Regulation on Guidelines for Corruption Prevention at PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero).

“This regulation on the Guidelines for the Prevention of Corruption is a regulation that accommodates or unifies regulations regarding the prevention of corruption in AP II. Thus, AP II currently has regulations that are more concise and serve as guidelines for preventing corruption," he said.

On the same occasion, the board of commissioners and the board of directors of AP II also signed a joint commitment to support and implement company regulations related to the Corruption Prevention Guidelines; Implementation of GCG principles; Risk management; LHKPN; Gratification Management; WBS Management; Anti-Bribery Management System; and Conflict of Interest.

He continued, a strong corruption and fraud prevention system strongly supports the company's vision to become an Airport Enterprise Leader in the Region by 2024.

Meanwhile, AP II President Commissioner Agus Santoso said the most important factor in preventing corruption was leadership.

"In implementing GCG at AP II, we want to emphasize the example of the board of directors and senior leaders in realizing a clean company," said Agus Santoso.

On the same occasion, Head of BPKP Muhammad Yusuf Ateh said that the corruption prevention system that can be implemented by companies including AP II is the fraud control plan.

"The implementation of the fraud control plan as a fraud risk prevention tool consists of 10 steps," said Muhammad Yusuf Ateh.

The ten steps that must be formulated are anti-fraud policies; anti-fraud structure; standards of conduct and discipline; fraud risk management; HR management; third party management; whistleblowing system and whistleblower protection; proactive detection; investigation; and corrective action.

Director of Public Complaints and Reports Services at the KPK, Tomi Murtomo, said that AP II already has an effective reporting system in handling and detecting fraud, including the integrated whistleblowing system (WBS) application with the KPK.

Tomi Murtomo said the benefits of integrated WBS with the KPK were to improve GCG, especially building a professional and transparent complaint handling system, then optimizing corruption detection methods, namely as an early warning system, and increasing synergies for ease of coordination, transparency and monitoring.

“AP II has signed the WBS which is integrated with the KPK. We hope it can be used as a fraud prevention tool," said Tomi Murtomo.

The head of the Banten High Prosecutor's Office, Reda Manthovani, conveyed about regulations that could ensnare corruption actors, including reminding that there should be no abuse of authority to commit acts of corruption.

Then, Director of Finance AP II Wiweko Probojakti explained that AP II has set 3 strategic programs in efforts to prevent corruption.

"The big picture of corruption prevention at AP II is the Corruption Prevention Policy, Nine Corruption Prevention Instruments, and the Corruption Prevention Strengthening Program," he said.

The nine corruption prevention instruments at AP II are the Code of Corporate Governance (CoCG) which regulates corporate governance; Code of Conduct (CoC) which regulates business ethics and work ethics; Board Charter which regulates the working procedures of the board of commissioners and directors; General Guidelines for Risk Management; WBS; Conflict of Interest Guidelines; Gratification Management & Control; LHKPN reporting; and Anti-Bribery Management System.