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Angkasa Pura II Implement the Concept of Digital Transformation in Airport Management

14 Dec 2018

Tangerang - The management of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) implements the Digital Transformation concept in providing services at 15 airports it manages.

In line with the company's vision to become "The Best Smart Connected Airport Operator In The Region", Angkasa Pura II believes that a transformation of the work culture as a whole is needed in the process of managing airports. In responding to the demands of industrial change that promotes digital-based technology, Angkasa Pura II management adopts and implements digital transformation.


System improvements and company performance must touch the side of hard structure and soft structures where both collaborate to realize new technology-based services.


In addition to having implemented a number of digital-based applications (Soft infrastructure) since 2016, it is necessary to internalize the work culture that also promotes a culture that has transformed towards digital (Digital Culture).


Quoting the statement of the President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II, Muhammad Awaluddin, that Angkasa Pura II in implementing the digital transformation culture has equipped itself with 3 basic concepts of digital transformation. "Management understands that our goal in the future is to prepare all company personnel to be ready for transformation. That is why we have sparked a whole digital transformation with 3 basic concepts of digital transformation, driven by digital strategy, engined by digital leadership, and strenthened by digital culture," said Awaluddin.


In short, in carrying out the airport business processes that continue to develop in the disruptive era, Angkasa Pura II believes in the need for digital strategy deepening. Therefore, to answer the challenges of modernization, management has taken concrete steps in implementing a digital-based service system. This is to answer the demands of digital consumption patterns of airport consumers.


Therefore, the management of Angkasa Pura II took the initiative to provide understanding and educate all senior leaders to employees in implementing digital transformation in the work environment. The application of the digital transformation concept continues to be echoed from the highest level of the company to touch all employees. Coaching and mentoring are the responsibility of senior leaders to ground the company's digital culture.


Thus, Angkasa Pura II will continuously design a digital-based business strategy where the strategy is carried out by human resources who are literate in digital media so that digital culture has gradually touched all aspects of the company's performance.


Awaluddin also explained that digital-based service products have been benefited by all airport customers. "Slowly but surely, we present a portrait of the faces of different companies. Since 2016, we have launched digital products both from the service and operational aspects of the airport. We have digital lounge, chat BOT, Indonesia Airports App, digital kiosk, e-payment, mobile check in, Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC), and several other service products, "concluded Awaluddin.


The Digital Transformation Program is in line with the concept of Corporate Transformation which consists of 3 namely Business Transformation & Portfolios carried out by implementing Airport Digital Business such as the development of travy & travypay applications for traveling, Infrastructure Transformation and Operating Systems with the implementation of AOCC to implement Airport Collaborative Decision-making (ACDM) to streamline airport operations, the last is Transformation of Human Resources where digital culture is currently being transformed to encourage competent HR and is supported by the Digital Savvy Organization.


By increasingly prioritizing services and cultivating digital-based change, Angkasa Pura II is committed to always maintaining the level of service and being able to provide digital journey experience to all visitors and users of airport services.